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It is a symbol of social peace and a world without violence and aggression.  It is the hidden language of the soul.  It is fundamentally a joyous occasion and a cause for celebration. It is a vehicle for emotional expression, an opportunity to embody emotion.  Dance is a fun way of exercisingMental Health

It heals by spiraling us down inside ourselves to a center where tensions are released and there are freedom and spaciousness.  To dance is to harness the fire inside your belly that moves you. You are always in movement, you go inside where you are held in place, and then move outward.

You thrill to the momentum and the movement that frees you.  You feel the wind as you move, it livens your senses. You twirl, you move, you feel your spirit’s rhythm.

You also can start to dance with pure movement explorations.  Move as if you are in an environment as if you are something, an animal, flower, water.  Move as if you were made of clay of wax.  Pretend you are doing something like catching a ball. Imagine you are in a space like a bubble.  Move to define the space.  Move to fill an imaginary empty vessel.  Move your body to get in touch with your breath, your blood, your heartbeat.

Dancing gives way to have our body senses move and work while we are under the tune of a music. It makes a person think of a happy thought, good memories especially when they are relating their selves to the music playing.

Through this possibility of dancing at any moment in our lives, dancing in any moment, we can see ourselves in total grace and beauty.  In the dancing moment there is a level of spontaneity and fun.  You can move in any way you want to, you dance and twirl, allow yourself to stretch, to open.  Embody movement that is natural and flowing like a river. Your movements become art, they become a dance.

Body movements help us sweat a little or even more when we are dancing. in fact, there are lots of dance lessons around the world who spreads the awareness of knowing that dancing can help us makes a strong both physically and mentally human and one of the well-known dance therapy that most people into is “Zumba”, this type of cardio dancing can cater all human being across all ages.

No doubt, Dancing is the mother of all languages.


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