Income profile QualitiesTo have interest in all the artistic manifestations and mainly in the visual arts, to know in an elementary way the production in and of artistic disciplines such as painting, sculpture, photography and video; be familiar with the history of art and its evolution starting from different artistic genres, trends and styles; practice the production of the disciplines of the program (painting, sculpture, photography and video), have vocation, ability and ability to express and visualize and possess critical, creative and sensitive qualities, have a necessary command of execution of disciplines such as painting, sculpture, photography, video and drawing; Being able to produce, discourse, analyze, conceptualize, rationalize ideas.

Manage Specialty of artistic

Know and manage their specialty of artistic production with quality; distinguish between different artistic genres, know the currents and dominant styles in history, from its origins to the establishment of the contemporary concept of art; master the history of art and its evolution to reflect, act and critically discuss present art concepts; have the necessary methodological knowledge to enter various postgraduate options; build spaces of visual communication with the community through the formation of groups and networks of action for research, production and dissemination of art; create visual work as an artist through the mastery of technique and contemporary languages; be able to criticize the work of art, promoting the study and practice of literature as a social phenomenon; perform with a critical and informed thinking, able to ask new questions and propose answers in relation to the social and cultural landscape; possess skills on emerging technology for the production of art; have the ability of expression in a second language, preferably in English; show sensitivity and discipline for technique; conduct themselves in their social environment with ethical values and identity in order to act with honesty and responsibility as an independent producer, as well as within cultural and artistic institutions, to actively influence their environment, assuming sustainable attitudes, understanding the construction of plurality in Mexico, recognizing its autonomy; identifying the culture of human rights and its relation to development, citizenship and interculturality; and showing respect to the differences.

Labor field

Opportunity to integrate into both the public and private sectors at a professional level. This insertion in the labor market can occur by developing pictorial, sculptural, photographic, video and new media for the visual arts; working on research projects, around the development and dissemination of new proposals for the production, use and consumption of art; in museographic and curatorial projects, in assembly design and technical support of exhibitions, events or artistic exhibitions; in art direction projects, mainly in the advertising and entertainment industry; developing scenographic projects, from the conceptualization of shop windows, to the development of scenic resources for art and design projects;

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