Creativity is fundamental learning for all schoolchildren. Proof of this is that the Ministry of Education (Minedu) has modified the curriculum, increasing the importance of this course and the teaching hours dedicated to it.

Art Benefit for Kids

Artistic Expressions

In the portal, it is detailed that the Art curricular area has as purpose to develop sensitivity, creativity and critical thinking of students to recognize, value and appreciate the characteristics of their culture and others. Also, it provides opportunities in which to express their tastes, ideas, emotions, and feelings through different artistic expressions such as music, theater, dance, and visual arts.

Health Benefit of Art

It offers students several opportunities: to transcend with the use of different artistic languages to express, with freedom, their perceptions about reality, their beliefs, their emotions and feelings; to develop an emotional balance and a creative and playful development to transform their own being and act with freedom, equity and justice that leads to the transformation of culture in its context.

Arts And Music

Art is developed through activities such as dance, theater or dramatic arts, visual and audio-visual arts and music. Do you know what skills students develop in school and then apply them in daily life?

Artistic Expressions

Express your ideas and emotions through artistic expressions such as dance, theater, music and others; and appreciate, interpret and express opinions about the different artistic manifestations.

Visual Arts
The British Council has a collection of 8,500 works of modern and contemporary British art, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, drawings, prints, photography, videos and new media. With the support of a team of professionals in the area, we promote the British visual arts through activities such as traveling exhibitions, workshops, seminars and conferences led by British artists, as well as study programs in the United Kingdom for visitors who come from other countries.
We organize art exhibitions with works from our collection, promote our artists and work in collaboration with various institutions to curate exhibition projects for museums and galleries around the world. At the same time, we are hosts of the British Pavilion in the renowned Venice Biennial.

The overall objective of the Visual Arts          

The Visual Arts has the purpose of training honest, responsible, humanistic, competent professionals committed to art, with the social function that it plays for humanity; with the ability to produce visual work as artists in a professional manner, to possess analytical critical thinking about the artistic phenomenon and to apply their knowledge by linking with the community in a theoretical way or through the art object.

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