how to remove crayon from clothes

remove crayon from wallIf you have small kids in the house, chances are that they can explore their creative side on your walls at some point. As this their creative exploration continues, they are likely to determine that one or two of your walls desperately need their artistic talents. And while you may not like it spending your weekend removing crayons from the wall, you may be forced to do so. When that happens, don’t worry.

Take a deep breath and remember this is not the end of you. Just take some moment and tell your young artist that walls are not the best place to develop their talents and possibly show them the right places to nature their talent. Once you through, read through this article and get some of the tips for cleaning crayon off your walls.

Use Baking Soda

Get a rag or sponge then make it wet and add baking soda on it. Gently rub the baking powder on the crayon marks. Doing this will effectively remove the crayon marks from your walls. Once you have removed the crayon marks from your wall, wipe away the residual baking soda using a clean sponge or damp cloth.

Use Toothpaste

This is another effective way of removing crayon from the walls. For this to work, you need a toothbrush and the actual toothpaste and not gel. Paste has tiny abrasives that help remove unwanted marks from the surface you intend to scrub. This method can also work on mediums such as erase markers.

Rubbing Alcohol

how to clean wallsThere have been plenty of demonstrations that alcohol removes permanent marks on substances. However, I also know that alcohol has effect on certain paints. Crayon marks will easily come off when you scrub your walls using alcohol. However, it is important that you try on a small area before you start scrubbing your entire wall.

Using a Blow Dryer

Blowing hot air over crayon marks heats up the crayons and melts it off the wall. Once the crayon has begun to melt, you can then scrub it off using a wet and soapy washcloth. By doing so, crayon will come off your walls faster than you may think.


Vinegar has the ability to clean most of the house hold goods as well as removing turf stains on substances. Take a clean rag or sponge and apply a small amount of vinegar the rub it on the marked areas of your walls. You will notice that crayon will come off the walls with much ease.

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