Visual Art BenefitsAs a graduate of this career, you will have the skills and attitudes necessary to:

  • Carry out art projects that integrate different aesthetic strategies, technological resources and knowledge from various professional fields.
  • Know models, practices and institutional systems of the contemporary visual arts and the areas of visual creation such as photography, visual design, illustration, curatorship and cultural management.
  • Master the techniques of expression and visual representation to develop as a visual artist, independent and as part of a multidisciplinary team.
  • Reflect, analyze and contextualize professional practice about social reality.

Characteristics of the applicant

Have completed the baccalaureate in the Area of Humanities and Arts, or the set of related subjects, in the College of Sciences and Humanities or other high school education plans, and have graduated with an average of more than eight. Also, it is convenient that they have:

Basic knowledge of artistic disciplines, as well as tools and digital resources: internet, browsers, word and image Visual Art Toolsprocessors, consultation and use of social networks.

* Reflective and self-critical ability

* Correct verbal and written expression.

* Ability to draw.

* Affinity for reading and analyzing texts.

* Responsibility and self-discipline.

* Proactive and innovative attitude.

* Provision for artistic appreciation.

Field and labor market

This professional is required in the art departments of state secretariats, parastatal companies, decentralized agencies, or in educational institutions, cultural centers or museums. You can also work in various non-governmental organizations of the social and cultural sector.

In the private sector, he works in offices of art and design, in the publishing industry and the graphic arts.

Other essential workspaces are in the areas of museographer, curatorship of exhibitions, set design for cinema, theater and television, cultural diffusion and art criticism.

The student can join the professional activity since the last semesters of the race participating in exhibitions and national and international competitions and present their work in museums, art galleries and houses of culture, so it is convenient to develop their initiative and knowledge in the promotion and dissemination of their artistic proposals.

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